RAC Audio inventory as of 8-2017:

  • How many wireless microphones there are?
    • 6 Handheld microphones
    • 4 table microphones
    • 6 Lavaliere (clip on) microphones
      • So 16 in total, but each group is useful in specific ways based on the type:
        • i.e. Handhelds for Q&A/Panel, Table Mics also for panels/people sitting in one place, and Lavalieres for presenters etc.


  • How many wired microphones there are?
    • 3 podium microphones (which are wired into the floor)
      • One podium mic per room (18A, 18B, and 18C) connected into floorboxes by XLR cables


  • How many table microphones there are?
    • 4 specified table microphones
    • 6 Handheld Microphones that we use on the table as well
      • So a total of 10


  • How many Microphone stands there are?
    • 5 full size mic stands (the ones we use for audience Q&A)
    • 6 table mic stands (the ones we use for panels)

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