RAC Audio inventory as of 8-2017:

  • How many wireless microphones there are?
    • 6 Handheld microphones
    • 4 table microphones
    • 6 Lavaliere (clip on) microphones
      • So 16 in total, but each group is useful in specific ways based on the type:
        • i.e. Handhelds for Q&A/Panel, Table Mics also for panels/people sitting in one place, and Lavalieres for presenters etc.


  • How many wired microphones there are?
    • 3 podium microphones (which are wired into the floor)
      • One podium mic per room (18A, 18B, and 18C) connected into floorboxes by XLR cables


  • How many table microphones there are?
    • 4 specified table microphones
    • 6 Handheld Microphones that we use on the table as well
      • So a total of 10


  • How many Microphone stands there are?
    • 5 full size mic stands (the ones we use for audience Q&A)
    • 6 table mic stands (the ones we use for panels)

Landing Page test

Winthrop.Inreachce.com…….How To

To Login and/or Create an Account:

  • Go to inreachce.com
  • Click SIGN-IN. (First time users, select NEW CUSTOMER and register using your org email address. Keep a record of your password)
  • Once logged in, click onto the HOME button to see the full catalog
  • Click a series name to filter the videos by specialty.
  • Select DETAILS button to view more information.
  • Click REGISTER NOW to view the video for 90 days. You will not be charged if you use a Winthrop.org email Click PLAY to start the presentation. In order to be eligible for CME or Nursing credit, you must listen to 90% of the presentation.
  • At the end of the presentation, click GET CERTIFICATE.
  • Then click onto EVALUATION. You must complete the 4 questions/evaluation survey to receive a CME or Nursing certificate

Credit Question:

For 2017, You can download your  credit certificate after viewing an InReach module and append it to your  CloudCME transcript using the upload function

Did know you can store your external certificates and other credentials (such as state license, privileging, MOC) in your Winthrop CME/CE Transcript?


  1. Gather you electronic documents into a folder on your desktop computer or smartphone
  2. Log into Cloud-CME.com (further Instructions here)
  3. Click on “My CME”
  4. Click on “Transcript”
  5. Click on “Upload”
  6. Your external documents are appended to a PDF of your Winthrop credits earned. Download them as needed!

Which sessions get recorded?

We encourage video capture for all Winthrop Grand Rounds session, but especially our external guest speakers and visiting professors.


We do rely on each department’s academic coordinator for Grand Rounds to do two things to enable this:

  • have the speaker to sign the Video Consent,  and
  • arrange CAMTASIA video capture directly with Media Services. If there is a speaker you would like to capture for later viewing, please emphasize that to your department’s academic coordinator.


Once a video is captured, it takes about 2 weeks to produce and appear in our video on-demand service.