For live courses, you will want to begin planning at least 4 months ahead, in order for your audience building plan to be most effective.

We'll help you by breaking the planning into discrete forms to capture your thinking, so that everything falls into place as needed.

When to Start Form You Will Complete Decisions Needed on this Form
16 weeks out
Topic Planner Identify Course Topic, Overview, Needs Assessment
15 weeks out
Curriculum Planner Decide on Learning  Methods, Audience, and Credits
14 weeks out
Budget Planner Identify Marketing tools, Financial needs and catering
13 weeks out
Faculty Planner Identify Planners Speakers, Topics and Agenda
12 weeks out
Outreach Planner Handouts/Materials requirements, Pricing and discounts, Registration Form survey questions, Date to Open your Course Registration
9 weeks out   Enrollment Begins